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Fire Extinguishing Systems
Fire extinguishing systems are specialized devices used to locate and put out fires in structures, automobiles, and other areas. These systems quickly put out fires and stop them from spreading by using a variety of fire suppression agents, and clean agent gases.
Co2 Flooding/Suppression System
Co2 Flooding/Suppression System is typically made for enclosed areas with high fire risk, like control rooms, engine rooms, or equipment rooms. Fire detectors that detect heat or smoke can turn the system on automatically or manually. While they are effective at putting out fires, improper use could endanger people's safety.
Passive Fire Protection
Passive Fire Protection is used for building overall protection strategy. To stop the spread of fire and smoke, these sealants are applied to fill in cracks and joints in walls and floors. Measures taken to stop or slow the spread of fire and smoke inside a building are referred to as this protection.
Kitchen Fire Suppression System
A Kitchen Fire Suppression System is required by law and must be installed and maintained in accordance with certain codes and standards. Designed to deliver the fire suppression agent directly onto the fire, the nozzles are positioned above the cooking apparatus.
HW & MV Fire Protection System
HW&MV Fire Protection system is created to safeguard sizable spaces like factories, warehouses, and airplane hangars. These systems deliver large amounts of water at medium velocity to put out fires by combining large-diameter piping, high-capacity pumps, and specialized nozzles.
Fire Suppression Accessories
Any fire suppression system needs Fire Suppression Accessories because they can increase the efficiency and dependability of the system. Specialized nozzles known as fire suppression nozzles are used to deliver fire suppression agents to the vulnerable areas of a building. 
Fire Hydrant System
Fire Hydrant System is a system of pipes, pumps, and valves which is intended to supply a steady supply of water for fighting fires. In addition to residential areas, commercial and industrial buildings frequently have these systems installed.
Clean Agent Gas Refilling
Clean Agent Gas Refilling is very safe to handle. When a fire is detected, clean agent gases, are released into the protected area from pressurized cylinders. To make sure that the system is prepared, the cylinder needs to be filled with the right amount of gas after the agent has been discharged.
Fire Fighting Foams
FIRE FOAM is a specialized substance called fire foam, also referred to as firefighting foam, which is used to put out fires by smothering the flames and stopping them from spreading. This is very effective and economical to use. 

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